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A Medical Representative meets several doctors and pharmacists in a day. It is very difficult for him to recollect the details of all his interaction and create reports to be sent to his manager. Also, when the reports are received at the headquarters, the data collection and entry exercise that must be carried out to consolidate the reports is fraught with errors. Sometimes, some data is missing for a certain time period, leading to an inaccurate picture ,A Medical Representative collects several pieces of information from his interactions, puts them together, and mails it. In some cases, he could be leveraging email in place of physical mail. In either case, there is a significant lag between the time of his interaction and the actual time the information is received by his manager. This could be in the order of days or even weeks. This delay could result in wrong strategies being deployed in the field.
In the highly competitive Pharmaceutical world, staying ahead of your competition can be extremely challenging. Whilst having great products and a dedicated Sales Force were the keys to success in the past, it is not a guarantee of success in today’s environment. In an age where information is transmitted by a few keystrokes in a matter of seconds, traditional ways of doing businesses have to be re-looked. ‘Adapt or Perish’ is the mantra for companies today. The primary challenge for any organization therein lies within – their ability to recognize and make the change in their business processes that allows for effective use of information. Traditionally, companies have relied on manual reporting using paper based reports to collect and send information from the field to their managers and the corporate headquarters. Some companies have moved to sending reports via e-mail. In either case, the information collection and dissemination is prone to errors since this is done manually with little validation.

This also takes significantly more time in terms of collating the data. Furthermore,information has a very short half-life. You needed the information yesterday to make a decision. In this situation, the ability to reduce the time-lag in receiving the information is as vital as the information itself.