In today’s world, the speed and scale of business are pushing traditional IT to the breaking point. Your business expects your IT organization to deliver applications and services that are fast, predictable, scalable, and interoperable.

That’s a tough proposition. With all the complexity in today’s data centers, IT agility is lost. It can take 18months to deploy a new application environment—and timeframes like that are no longer acceptable. With today’s evolving business models and changing workforce, things have to happen much faster.

For your IT organization to keep pace with the business, you need a new, faster approach to I infrastructure deployment—an approach that increases agility and accelerates time to application value. That’s HP Converged Systems. Built on Converged Infrastructure, these systems deliver the industry’s first portfolio of pre-integrated, tested, and optimized infrastructure solutions for applications running invirtual, cloud, dedicated, or hybrid environments
HP Converged Systems are designed to deliver the fastest time to application value—and time to business success. They simplify the deployment and optimization of application environments by integrating hardware, software, and services into turnkey solutions.

This converged approach enables your organization to quickly harness the full potential of virtualization, cloud, and next-generation applications, such as real-time analytics. It also helps your organization accelerate the consolidation of legacy applications, data, and infrastructure.

With the portfolio of HP Converged Systems, you can now address all of your application needs in a common way—whether it’s in a virtual, cloud, or dedicated application environment—and eliminate islands of incompatible IT. HP Converged Systems are built on a common architecture, with common management and a common security model, and extended by an industry-standard and open partner ecosystem.