TechNEXA Technologies: Improving Operational Efficiency with Multi-cloud Managed Services

CIO Vendor Most of the organisations today are adopting cloud to deploy superior technology systems and capitalize on the cloud advantages of scalability, cost-efficiency and security. However, managing the critical IT infrastructure and robust software to attain operational efficiency is a tough task to handle for businesses, owing to the shortage of skilled resources that can handle complex systems, eventually resulting in higher operational costs and increased system downtime. Moreover, increased cyber attacks and security breaches have become a severe threat for businesses due to inappropriate access management. So, businesses are on the lookout for an expert third-party firm who can help them run business operations smoothly in a secure environment and act as single point of contact to manage the IT infrastructure and handle multiple IT operations.

Clearly understanding the scenario, TechNEXA Technologies helps businesses improve operational excellence by providing end-to-end managed services, enabling businesses to focus on the core business functions. The company implements and maintains complex IT systems for enterprises of all sizes and transform them into a technology-driven organisation. “Our expertise in quality-integrated services and crossplatform skills help us go beyond the IT infrastructure management with multi-cloud managed services, NOC services, cyber security and professional services to enable true digital transformation for our client’s businesses. Our affordable, reliable and professional IT managed services empower clients to address all IT challenges and ensure maximum up-time for their mission critical business operations and applications,” informs K.K. Kaushik, Business Head.

Ensuring Business Continuity
TechNEXA Technologies offers services for Access Management, Backup
Management, Disaster Recovery, Facility Management, Incident Management and Cost Optimizations. In this age of digital technologies and cyber threats, monitoring of user activities with better access management has become crucial for businesses. The company helps clients effectively implement identity and access controls to monitor the user activities by applying multiple access manager applications with its pre-configured identity and access management solutions. To enable businesses handle the disasters and maintain business continuity, the company sets up native tools ensuring the regular backup of critical data and takes steps to minimize the impact of a disaster by indentifying the critical issues. The company also enables clients to reduce the system downtime and improve business efficiency by quickly resolving the issues with help of expert in-house NOC team. They also provide Root Cause Analysis report for the resolved issues so as to avoid similar kind of issues in future.

We offer reliable and professional IT Managed Services, empowering clients to address complex IT challenges & ensuring maximum up-time for their mission critical business operations

Maximizing the Value of IT Infrastructure
TechNEXA Technologies’ facility management comprises of a wide range of services ranging from planning, design and procurement to installation, integration and migration assistance along with system management, telephone support and on-site hardware and software fixes. “Our exclusive pack of IT Facility Management Services which include CTO Consulting Services, Remote Infrastructure Management and Professional services helps in managing client’s distributed computing environment as a single entity. We help customers fully utilize their IT infrastructure and improve reliability and performance of the business,” concludes K.K. Kaushik.